Cut residue and soil to create the furrow of the proper depth. Place the seeds consistently into the bottom of the furrow. Firm the seeds by applying the right amount of pressure exactly where it is needed.

Close the furrow by chopping the sidewall, to prevent drying and allow good root exploration. The concepts for drills are really no different from planters.

John Deere Planter and Drill Parts

Some drill designs cannot adequately perform Steps 1 — 4 described above because they are holdovers from the tillage era. Some comments to help them function:. Use adequate down-pressure for the conditions. For the OEM spring setup, this often results in the rockshaft being tilted down in back See photo in right-hand column to gain enough compression on the big coil spring up to 2 or 3 inches of compression is sometimes necessary.

Exapta also offers its UniForce system, that replaces the big coil spring with a hydraulic cylinder, to maintain pressure when the opener goes down in a slight depression—wheel track, etc. Additional ballast on the frame is often required, especially with the OEM spring setup.

Faster ground speeds will require more down-pressure and ballast. The only meaningful indicator of down-pressure being applied is inches of compression on this spring. Farmer-built weight bracket on JD drill. Exapta now sells a similar bracket. This location is ideal for maximum leverage. If the entire opener has excessive looseness side-to-side, the main pin can be rotated degrees as a first step. Eventually high acreage the pin and bushings need to be replaced.

See our Aricks bushing kits for superior parts to do this. They should also be centered on each section as much as possible—the weights hanging way out on the ends of the wings cause the ends to dip unnecessarily. Weights at the front of the center section are poorly located to provide effective down-force transfer although they might have purpose in loading the drawbar while pulling a tow-behind cart.We have expanded outside of Kansas and have been repairing and rebuilding John Deere drills and air seeders throughout the grainbelt and beyond.

Parts Catalog - Featured

We are based out of Wichita, Kansas but will come to your farm anywhere located in the United States or Canada. We are a fully insured company and the referred drill service by Exapta Solutions. Ross, from our first dealings with him to current, has always stood by his word in delivering superior products and service to our customers and his own.

We trust Ross with his expertise and knowledge in rebuilding drills and recommend his services to our customers. Chief of OperationsExapta. Very convenient to have them show up and do the work right on the farm.

Highly recommend them to anyone and for all our future needs! Lefor, North Dakota. Presho, South Dakota. He is a very hard worker and did a superb job. I would definitely recommend his services. Beloit, Kansas. Doug Thiessen. Kansas Airseeder Service E. Tipperary St. Wichita, KS Kansas Airseeder Service. M y total costs are far less than the implements and I beat all my competitors service prices. Call or text Ross to discuss your needs. All on site visits and estimates are free.

Follow KAS. Client Testimonials. Knutson Presho, South Dakota. We assess your drill for free and all work is done on site on your farm. We get your openers done in days not months. Watch some self-help videos to learn about repairs, parts, and issues to look for.JD planters and drills that can be upgraded and modified with Exapta parts for improved no-till seeding performance as well as greater longevity.

Our Thompson closing wheels shatter the sidewall much more effectively and avoid packing that occurs with smooth OEM wheels. Our Thompson closing wheels fit the following John Deere planters:.

The UniForce can be used with these John Deere drills and fertilizer applicators:. Mojo wires work with Keeton seed firmers on your planter or drill giving you 2 — 5 times the pressure of a Keeton alone.

Exapta manufactures the Mojo wires and sells Keetons to fit the following John Deere planters and drills:. OEM seed-lock wheels clog with mud. The DuraLok seed-lock wheel is narrower to fit the furrow better and its sleek shape allows it to stay clean.

New chamfer in the hub to let dirt fall away, for better bearing life! Now with UV protection to keep their yellow color. DuraLok seed-lock wheels fit the following John Deere drills:. The Ninja seed bounce flaps fit the following John Deere drills:. Plus, those rivets make them difficult to replace. Valion seed tube guards are easy to replace and last 2 — 5 times longer than OEM! Uneven straw distribution that hairpins despite being dry?

Want a little more soil warming or less allelopathy in the row? These ultra-robust row cleaners are built for tough Aussie conditions. Our Aricks row cleaners fit the following John Deere drills:. Bushings are continuously wound Teflon fiber, gliding on a steel sleeve with chrome finish. Much tighter tolerances than OEM or competitors.

Aricks seals are designed to run dry, unlike competitors. Built for demanding Aussie conditions by a company with exacting standards for quality, these will last at least as long as OEM parts, and often considerably longer. They have an 8-year track record in Australia. Our Aricks bushing kits for the main pins feature Teflon-layered steel bushings. These will last at least as long as OEM, and make for smoother action less resistance as the arm moves when in the field.

Aricks bushing kits for the main pin fit these JD drills:. Better quality than some other brands on the market. Our leaf springs fit the seed boots on the following JD drills:. Dump excess air pressure from the primaries right where you need it to.

Needham Ag - John Deere 60 & 90 Series - Depth Adjust And Disc Opener Bearing Repair & Replacement

Do the entire drill in a couple minutes. Allows you to run plenty of fan speed so you never plug a primary again, while eliminating excess seed bounce from too much air. Replaces the old steel flat-top John Deere distribution heads found on older models of these drills. Get rid of the J-bolt that causes so many plugging headaches and seed damage!

Our Smallaire distribution heads fit the following John Deere drills:. Provides more uniform distribution down the secondaries by virtue of being taller and having a more effective design of dimples for better turbulence better loading of the head after coming around the bend at the bottom.

Instead of merely venting the heat, our Smallaire unit puts it to good use in warming and drying the air going thru the air system, which helps prevent gunk accumulation in high-humidity or with sticky seed treatments and fertilizer dust. Our Smallaire heat exchanger fits the following John Deere air carts:.To win big in small grains, it takes a seeding solution that superseeds your expectations.

john deere air seeder rebuild

John Deere delivers with a complete line of everything you need — and the sizes you want — to seed for success. Air-hoe drills. Commodity air carts. No-till air drills. Fertilizer attachments. Central commodity systems. Box drills. Plus precision ag technology to stretch your productivity to higher levels. With our latest additions to equipment and openers, our seeding solutions deliver the next-generation performance you need to help you reach the full potential of each seed.

When it comes to seeding precision, consistent seed depth, and uniform emergence in virtually all field conditions, you can superSEED your expectations with ProSeries. Two of the three daily grease points have been removed. The third grease point is now a yearly interval. The narrow seed boot travels behind the shadow of the blade, causing less soil disturbance. When attaching the boot to the shank, the bolt has been replaced with a flag pin. Now the flag pin is the wear point, not the casting, reducing overall maintenance.

The seed press wheel is also redesigned; it has a narrow profile, a double-wall bearing, and is made of a flexible material. Lastly, the seed tab is UV resistant and profiled similar to the trench. There is also the added option of the serrated closing wheel.

With the RelativeFlow blockage sensing, operators can see the flow rate of both seed and fertilizer from inside the tractor cab. Sensors on all primary towers and secondary hoses monitor the relative product flow, giving you a better view of the flow rate of both seed and fertilizer from the cart to the opener from inside your tractor cab. This exclusive technology can help you identify any problems before potential blockage occurs. RelativeFlow Blockage is compatible with hydraulic drive carts for model year and newermodel year and newer Carts, C and C Air Cart.

The RelativeFlow sensing chart shows the amount of flow through each sensor on the selected tower. Sensitivity for the blockage system can be adjusted if desired, as shown below. Blockage warning sensitivity allows the producer to set and change the sensitivity of the sensors to meet their preferences. Increasing the sensitivity means the system is more likely to show a false blockage, while less sensitivity means the system is more likely to miss a blockage.

Clicking on any of the tiles will take an operator to that specific page shown below. Blockage alarm delays can be set up by clicking on the advanced settings button from the blockage set-up screen.

Skip to main content. Electronic Solutions. Rental Sales. View All Equipment. View Used Equipment. Make A One-Time Payment. Sign In to My Account. Owner Information. Build Your Own.Air drills.

Commodity air carts. No-till air drills. High-precision openers. Fertilizer attachments. Central commodity systems. Box drills. Plus precision ag technology to stretch your productivity to higher levels. Upgrade your 90 Series Opener with six state-of-the-art parts to improve seed-to-soil contact, depth consistency, germination and uniform emergence.

NF Air Drill. C — Central Commodity System. C Tow-Behind Air Cart. C Tow-Between Air Cart. A compilation of tips, ideas and collective wisdom about how to get all kinds of jobs done around your place. Reduce the hassle of moving the conveyance arm manually with the new conveyance solution.

Wireless remote allows you to take control of arm when filling and uploading to limit fatigue and get you back in your field seeding more quickly. Keep your profit margins high and your input waste low.

john deere air seeder rebuild

All-new SectionCommand minimizes seed and fertilizer loss, while offering more consistent fields that improve the potential of your yield and your bottom line. An easy, mid-priced way to seed into conventional tillage. Renovate pastures or landscape roadsides with a Conservation Seeder. It makes quick work of any type of seeding, from native prairie grasses to large legumes. Get the lush, green turf you demand with a Frontier Overseeder that allows placement of grass seed without reworking your lawn.

Cover a lot of ground in a hurry with a Broadcast Spreader. These spreaders distribute seed, lime, or fertilizer in an area up to 49 ft.

A precision Pendular Spreader provides uniform spreading, even if materials have different weights, sizes, and textures. Skip to main content. Electronic Solutions. Rental Sales. View All Equipment.

View Used Equipment. Make A One-Time Payment. Sign In to My Account. Owner Information. Air Seeding Equipment. Return to top. New C Air Cart Seed smart. Fill fast. Finish early. Tow-between or tow-behind options. Fill all four tanks at bu.How do you know when the bushings should be added?

Seed Boot Bushings (patented)

Many drills and air-seeders have 1" or more vertical travel, therefore this is one of the major reasons for lots of seeds on top of the ground and poor stands, especially when seeding at higher speeds in no-till conditions.

Watch the you-tube movie which illustrates the play within the seed boot mounting points on a John Deere air-seeder. We are proud to release a great new method of almost eliminating the undesirable play, even within very worn seed boot mounting points on 50, 60 and 90 series John Deere drills and air-seeders.

Our solution to almost eliminate this undesirable play involves drilling a larger hole within both sides of each seed boot and inserting two long-life hardened steel bushings. With a sharp drill bit used within a good drill press each hole can be drilled out in a couple of minutes Some growers drill new holes when they replace the boots, this saves time removing the boots just to drill the holes. Once the holes are drilled out, the bushings are then inserted. Finally the original bolt with washers is then pushed back through the bushings and the arm.

Finally the nut is added and torqued. The secret which makes this kit so successful is that once the nut is tightened, it presses both bushings against the lugs on the arm. This allows both bushings to now become the pivot point for the seed boot to rotate around. The combination of increasing the distance between the two pivot points and the limited tolerance between the hole and the bushings allows the seed boot to pivot easily and to help it tight against the disc.

We have made a short 6 minute instructional video, illustrating the process of clamping and drilling the seed boots in preparation for installing the seed boot bushings. To view this movie, please click the youtube movie below you will need high-speed internet access. It loads MUCH faster when the quality option is selected. Product Guide. The Solution We are proud to release a great new method of almost eliminating the undesirable play, even within very worn seed boot mounting points on 50, 60 and 90 series John Deere drills and air-seeders.

Youtube Video Showing How the Needham Ag Seed Boot Bushings Work We have made a short 6 minute instructional video, illustrating the process of clamping and drilling the seed boots in preparation for installing the seed boot bushings.

For more information, together with pricing — please click the link below.Advertise Follow Us. John Deere's no-till single-disc opener, such as those used on its,and other drills, is the most common drill opener on the market.

john deere air seeder rebuild

John Deere manufactures discs at 18 inches in diameter, but as the edges dull or wear below 17 inches, discs need to be replaced. Install new disc blades with the beveled edge pointing toward the seed tube.

They must be sharp and in good condition. As acres accumulate on John Deere openers, the hardened steel pins — and the copper bushings that surround the pins — wear. The result is the disc opener runs at less than a 7-degree angle, often 5 to 6 degrees, Needham says.

Inspect the condition of the plastic seed tab, especially on air seeders, to stop seeds from being blown out of the seed slot. Finally, check the vertical play within the seed boot.

Wear in the boot mounting holes within the cast arm, plus wear on the mounting bolt and boot, are all causes of excess play, Needham adds. These add-ons need to be positioned to ensure consistent down-pressure across all of the front and rear openers. Check this by measuring the amount of push-rod extension within the spring assembly. For example, a new foot-wide John Deere drill with 7. That leaves an average of pounds per opener.

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Needham Ag understands the role of technology in making better use of limited resources within a specific environment by drawing on a wealth of global experience to overcome the challenges facing today's farmers, manufacturers and dealers. Titan offers a full line of wheels, tires and undercarriage products for a wide variety of off-the-road equipment.

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