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gpp iccid

Posts: 1, Member: Status: Offline is this still work? Originally Posted by kinglock.

gpp iccid

Upgrade to the latest IOS Turn off the phone and connect to WiFi to activate the phone perfectly. It has been over 10 months since the last perfect iccid code block. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are On. Pingbacks are On. Refbacks are On. Forum Rules. The time now is Add Thread to del. User Name.There are many sellers especially on social media that selling iPhones at a very cheap and affordable price.

You may notice in there description that iPhones in cheaper price are usually Factory unlocked or GPP unlocked.

It may help to clear your confusions and doubt about GPP iPhones. GPP is a sim cloaking chip that is inserted into the sim tray of iPhone.

If you have a career lock or region lock iPhone, you can use this chip to successfully openline your device. GPP unlocked iPhones are those iPhones that you can buy cheaper than the original ones. These iPhones are cheaper than others because it is sometimes used in another country like Japan or Korea. Some of the units are refurbished, that means, it has a factory defect but it repaired and sell again. In a nutshell, we will define factory unlocked iPhones as a genuine openline copy of iPhone.

You can use this iPhone with less hassle compared to the GPP unlocked phone. Although the price is costly, you can buy a cheaper second-hand FU on some social media sellers. Having a GPP phone has a lot of disadvantages.

gpp iccid

In the list below, you will see the advantage and disadvantages of having a GPP unlocked iPhone. It also depends on the condition of your iPhone. These bugs are common with a GPP phone. But be notified, Apple iPhone is a big business, the company will add patches and security updates that may lead to many conflicts on GPP phones. So before you download the update, read the update description to know what will be the changes will be implemented in the firmware.

You can buy this chips on Public Markets and bangketas. You can also buy this chip on cellphone repair shop.

New iccid code News update.

Thank you! Last Modified on May 3rd, Tama po ba?Announcement: How to unsubscribe from calendars on your iPhone. If you get unwanted calendar invites or event notifications on your iPhone, learn what to do. How to unsubscribe from calendars on your iPhone. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I've been having a problem recently with my phone 6s, one night it stopped having cell service. Many reboots, refreshes and resets later, it came back.

Unfortunately it's happened again and my phone is once more useless. Normally when I open settings, I have airplane mode, wifi, bluetooth, mobile, data and carrier; now, the carrier option is missing, however occasionally flashes up. Posted on Jan 20, AM.

Posted on Jan 20, PM. Page content loaded. Jan 20, AM in response to willantirocks In response to willantirocks. Jan 20, AM. It's not on the beta, I tried the beta to check if it fixed the problem, it didn't so I downgraded. I'm gathering you've tried to pop the sim card out and then put it back in? If so and that doesn't work you either need a new sim card or your sim card reader isn't actually reading there is a sim card in your device.

Might want to take it to your provider and have them check to make sure you don't need just need a new sim card. It might be the sim reader however the ICCID comes up with in airplane mode, so it looks like it's reading the sim okay. Just because the SIM works in other devices does not mean it is okay. I suggest you take the device to your carrier and see about a new SIM.

If that does not help, then you need to make a Genius Bar appointment at the nearest Apple store to have the hardware checked. Since you have restored the device already, then there is no other user troubleshooting you can do. Apple needs to examine the hardware.

They will explain your options after that.As of right now, users have successfully bypassed the activation screen and unlocked the following models. But before you jump on the unlock bandwagon, ensure that you have the necessary supplies in store. Since this bug is available publicly, Apple will roll out a patch within a few hours from now.

Were you able to successfully unlock your device? If yes, leave your comments below.

gpp iccid

Gian is the resident jailbreak expert at Yalu Jailbreak. He has been jailbreaking his iPhone since Best way to catch his attention? Show him a tweak he hasn't installed. What are the procedures?? What should i use to make it factory? Unfortunately, Apple has patched this bug.

You can no longer unlock your iPhone even if you have a GPP sim card. Hello gpp and rsim are they the same because i only have gpp chip ang it uses only 3g sim pls help me from philliphines my phone is us lock. Sorry to bug you Gian. Any word lately on Ty bud. Hello, Rick. Thanks for being so considerate but feel free to post comments here. I read each and every comment and try to reply asap. Seems like everywhere else I ever look I get false info besides here lol. Apple has patched the unlock bug.

Read this article. Last ICCID 11 days, 11 minutes 17 days, 2 hours, 42 minutes 12 days, 15 hours, 23 minutes 14 days, 23 hours, 15 minutes 10 days, 15 hours, 11 minutes 1 day, 14 hours, 6 minutes 1 day, 23 hours, 24 minutes 11 days, 13 hours, 7 minutes 1 day, 17 hours, 3 minutes. I have a iPhone 8 that I deleted all of the previous information already.

I am trying to set it up as a new phone but the rsim 13 with the updated ICCID code from the website is not working. It requires me to select a carrier and says unable to activate. I have an iphone XR and I received yesterday my unlock sim card. The turbo sim has never been removed from the device and has the latest iOs11 on it. My iPhone is blacklisted by a French operator. I heard that the RSIM 12 was able to remove an iphone. When I insert it into my phone, nothing happens, how should I do.

Please Help.

Get Apple ICCID iPhone Unlock

Hello, Meet. Please try again. Which iOS version are you running by the way? Is the still the code? And I using the 13 wrong? I remember on 11 they would stay unlocked if you reset all content And settings.Last updated every day. Use another iPhone and setup your RSim. After that put on this iPhone and activate. Do not need to update. I am still getting activation error and my phone is on the latest iccid and my phone is already updated. And were should I buy it?

Then go to setting, cellular and find sim application. There is input ICCID there and put latest iccdid then put it back to iphone that you want to unlock and activate it.

Puoi usare Rsim 14 or Rsim Non digitare nessun codice. Basta inswrisci ship e sim. All ok. Hi Guys here is any one ho can solved my problem for iPhone 4s 9.

How to Edit the ICCID on the GENUINE GPPLTE 4G+ and unlock iPhone

Sim not supported. Los codigo funcionan, pero no hay otra forma que no sea dejando la r sim afuera como lo era antes y no dejando la R si, adentro. POrque yo desbloqueo muchos iphone con este metodo, pero dejando la R sim adentro no me combiene, NO abra otra forma de que siga como era antes? I can leave the r-sim in because im using the plastic type. Yes that is correct the Rsim 13 is no longer functional. Apple has patched the vulnerability so no longer works.

It will not work with Rsim So you have to use R Sim 12 to do this R Sim 13 will no longer work. If you remove the R SIM card and put in your carrier Sim card then the phone will go back to activation screen and you will get SIM invalid each time as Apple has patched this vulnerability.

New ICCID Code – Last updated every day

No R-Sim 13 no longer works you have to use the R-Sm 12 and keep it in the phone underneath your regular SIM card that you want to use. Hi guys. Does this mean I can use different sims on my iPhone. Not even going to the screen to enter iccid.

I have iphone 5s running on ios The latest not working. Help me please. Updated to I activated mine by putting the chip on an unlocked iphone then input the working iccid then switch it back to the locked iphone and boom!!!

Send, remove the chip from this another iPhone, put in the phone would like to unlocke and will works well. OS You probably read on social media about a lot of mobile phone sellers offering GPP iPhones at a cheaper price. Continue reading about buying GPP iPhones advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, the iPhone will become network-locked again once the device has been reset, prompting you to use the GPP chip again.

GPP iPhones are generally sold cheaper than factory unlocked iPhones as many of these phone units are region-locked, refurbished or surplus iPhones coming from various countries. Here they are. With a GPP unlocked iPhone, you have all the freedom to choose which service provider will suit your specific needs with regard to promos, data usage and better network signal wherever you are.

You can use this GPP chip to make your network-locked device become open line. Though less expensive than the original ones, GPP iPhones are not categorized as imitation or fake iPhones. These iPhones are offered at a cheaper price because they usually come from other countries like China, Korea and Japan. Some units may have minor factory defects, but repaired and refurbished to make them saleable again. Are you planning to sell or swap your old iPhone for a new one?

You might want to consider making the device open line since the iPhone should be unlocked from its original network carrier. All you have to do is to purchase a CPP chip and inform the buyer about its potential risks. Inserting this valuable chip will grant you full access to other network providers and utilize their services according to your preference. That would mean additional expenses for you while trying to find the compatible GPP chip that will work on your current device.

Discover the new changes to be implemented in the firmware first before you download the latest version. You may also encounter some technical issues if you remove and insert the SIM card again or restore the original settings after downloading the update.

The buying market may seem competitive as many of the interested buyers opt to purchase a factory unlocked iPhone instead of GPP unlocked. These technical problems happen when your iPhone fails to recognize your local SIM upon installing the recent iOS version. These mobile phone interruptions are common among GPP iPhones since Apple is regularly updating its security features which may cause firmware incompatibility. You should consider what iPhone model you are using at present.

Updated iOS versions are expected to consume more space and may require higher computing power to expedite all mobile phone functions. Now, if you are still using an old device, it may be suggested to hold off any plans of updating your iOS version until you get some hardware upgrades.

You should also expect an increase in power consumption because the latest iOS version may require additional software resources to work more efficiently. Lower models of iPhone tend to stop working or crash unexpectedly as a result of system corruption or power interruption.

What You Should Know? In the list above, you have seen the benefits and disadvantages of having a GPP unlocked iPhone.

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