The B8 chassis Audi A4 is a pretty good looking German saloon, but the factory styling is a bit pedestrian, and well, the 2. Even before you drop it, a set of wheels makes a huge difference. The A4 above is rocking a set of multispoke Forgestar CF10 wheels and is lowered on ST Suspension XT coilovers, the combination of both wheels and a drop makes the effect even more dramatic. Want something a little different? Of course, these are just suggestions — there are dozens of wheel styles available and far too many to cram into one post, so check out our selection of wheels for B8 Audi A4 here.

Questions about wheels? Call the Mod Experts at or chat live at ModBargains. Starting with the most straightforward, the least expensive — and we only say least expensive speaking strictly in terms of the actual cost of the partis a set of lowering springs. Eibach Springs for B8 Audi A4 are also another popular choice, as seen on the A4 above — a drop really completes the look you start with a set of nice wheels — like the VMR V Wheels for Audi in the photo.

Nobody I know with coilovers changes their settings every week based on street conditions or anything. Of course, if you do plan to track the car, there are coilovers appropriate for that too. For instance, in our install facility, Mod Auto in La Habra, CA, springs and coilovers are exactly the same price for installation.

So consider, if your shocks are going to be donezo in another 10, miles after you lower it — a set of coilovers suddenly starts to become a more and more cost-effective option for lowering your B8 Audi A4 suspension. Coilovers are typically available with adjustable or fixed shock absorbers, but all coilovers will offer adjustable ride height — and these cars look their best with a drop.

Which leaves us with Air Ride. If you want to be able to raise or lower your A4 on demand and have the budget planned for it, we also offer Airrex Air Suspension Systems for Audi as well as installation.

SPC Performance in collaboration with AWE Tuning have developed an adjustable control arm kit that corrects the premature tire wear and imperfect handling created by out-of-spec camber as well as the problem of the control arms rubbing against the important and expensive wiring harnesses that run through both front fender wells.

Ask the Mod Experts — give em a call at or chat live at ModBargains. The exhaust of your A4 defines the styling of the entire rear end — an aftermarket exhaust not only sounds better than stock but also can really spice up the rear end of your A4. We offer some of the finest exhaust systems on the market for Audi vehicles from AWE Tuning and other prestigious manufacturers of premium exhaust gas conveyance systems.

Audi A7 - A way to upgrade MMI.

You have a decision to make now with your A4. Do you want to keep the car in its single exit configuration, or spice things up with dual exit exhaust or even quad tips?

Want quad tips?

OBDeleven - Audi A4 B8 - Overview \u0026 Needle sweep coding! [HD][ENG]

For even more oomph and a bit more noise, try adding a downpipe! While a cat-back exhaust will never affect emissions or warranty, a downpipe certainly can cause problems with both warranty and emissions, but the tradeoff is a massive increase in power. Of course, check your local laws and regulations to see what applies to you.

Not sure what options might be best for you? When it comes to making more power with your Audi A4 2. There are other options available, but an intake upgrade will give you a bit more power and also allow you to better hear your turbocharger.Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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Cookies Snack. Mmi is confusing me Ken76 Jun 19, I have my car a few weeks now and recently is says no data connection on the mmi I have tried different things to no avail to get it working, so I need to purchase a data sim? If so what would everyone recommend? Ken76Jun 19, KukuJun 19, Ken76 likes this. Three also do sum cards. Last edited: Jun 20, KukuJun 20, Ken76Jun 20, Their prices are pretty much unbeatable - you just pay monthly.

I can go through 25gb in a couple months so smarty works perfect for me. Plenty enough and it's ridiculously cheaper than the Audi plans. KondaxJun 20, Ken76Jun 21, I have a and it has an embedded sim, as far as I understand that all b9 models come with it in europe.

MMI display upgrade?

KukuJun 21, Ken76Jun 22, May possibly depend on other items in the spec. High nav or something possible. KukuJun 22, Ken76Jul 13, at PM. KukuJul 13, at PM. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Show Ignored Content.The ambiance lighting was one of my first major finds. The real excitement on this one is the fact its' not just enabling an option that wasn't available on your car, it's enabling an option that wasn't available on any B8.

Although the 2G menu can be enabled through the Hidden menu you can cut down the installation in less than half with the coding he researched. There are two stages to this, one is enabling the Ambiance lighting and the second is activating the menu to control the brightness. If you have not enabled the hidden menu yet go here. To get into the hidden menu in the MMI hold down the Car and Setup button for approx 6 seconds and the menu should appear on the screen.

Erase it to 0 and change it to 1 again. I've had to do this from time to time for no apparent reason. Scroll to interior light and select it with the scroll wheel. It will be set to 0 you will change it to 1 or 5 then push the scroll wheel to set it. Now reset the MMI. This is done by pushing down the Setup — Scroll Wheel and top right menu buttons at the same time.

It has been confirmed the lights will go on and off with the light sensor if the headlight switch is set to Auto. Master light switch will not control these lights at all anymore. They will work separately through the MMI.

Please note: AudiEnthusiast. All brand names and manufacturers listed here are for informational purposes only and are in no way endorsed by AudiEnthusiasts. All modifications and changes are done at your own risk. This site in no way approves the modifications performed here for your vehicle.

audi mmi mods

Please check with your dealer before performing any changes as they may void portions of your factory warranty. Audi Enthusiasts. Step One: Enable Ambiance Lighting. If you have not enabled the hidden menu yet go here To get into the hidden menu in the MMI hold down the Car and Setup button for approx 6 seconds and the menu should appear on the screen.

Once the menu comes up scroll to Car and select it by pushing down on the scroll wheel. Push the return button which will take you to the previous menu. The box should go from empty to filled in. Press return to go back we are done in here now. This does work on both the front and rear foot lights.Bulent Eroglu Apr 15, Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. I really wanted to have the sat nav display on the dashboard like the one I put picture of.

Is this related to MMI version? If so does anybody know how much it would cost for me to get it done from Audi or someone where else? I asked the sales assistant team but they where clueless and I am waiting for the service department to get back to me. PNG File size: Bulent ErogluApr 15, Anything is possible. At a cost. As above, my understanding is the sat nav between the dials is part of the technology pack which essentially is a different mmi system altogether to what you have I believe the facelift started from Sep onwards 64 plate onwards.

Mines a 64 but a facelift and registered in November Also the was part of the facelift replacing Dynamic lights were also standard on the facelift from memory. AkashApr 15, The facelift A7 has the sweeping rear indicators, and if you look under the front armrest you should have 2x USB sockets, not the older AMI socket. This would be quite a complex upgrade as well as expensive. I think badger5 or DJAlix would be better placed to offer you advice on how feasible this is. Ah, so your probably on the older MMI Low system which is quite basic.

Do you have any Satnav SD card based? You may get away with the existing pop up screen, but you probably have the smaller lower resolution one. You would then need component protection removed by someone with the right kit.

audi mmi mods

Autotrader is a good place to look! You might find a good independent who would be willing to assist. All or none l think. When I bought my A7 now gone the first think I did was fit a reversing camera.

How much did the rear camera cost you RAF?

Audi Interior Mods

Wish the people who built our car had this added in one of the packages as it would help greatly.First introduced in the early s, MMI has evolved over the years to meet the demands of new technologies like navigation, digital gauge clusters, and advanced driver assist systems. The interface was updated for the model year to be more touch-oriented instead of using physical controls. Previous versions of the system included a rotary dial to scroll and select items on the screen, but that has been replaced with a second display in the newest Audis.

User input is handled through multi-touch surfaces on the screens themselves, voice commands, and with steering wheel controls for audio and mobile phone connectivity.

Vital phone functions like music, maps, podcastscalls, and messages are all available through app icons on the interface. What is Apple CarPlay? Many Audi vehicles are available with a completely digital gauge cluster that replaces the traditional speedometer and tachometer setup. Known as Virtual Cockpit Digital Cockpit in select VW modelsthe screen works as an extension of the MMI system to display maps, audio information, and vehicle status updates directly in front of the driver.

The display is customizable, so a mix of information can be shown at any given time, and while there is no touchscreen because that would mean reaching through the steering wheelthe Virtual Cockpit display is configurable through voice controls or steering wheel buttons. The screens themselves are among the brightest and highest resolution displays available in any vehicle today. Maps are colorful and crisp, while text and other information is easily viewable, even from wide angles.

Temperatures can be adjusted by holding a finger on the screen and swiping up and down, which becomes second nature after a few uses. It can also find landmarks like coffee shops or restaurants along a mapped route. The updates to MMI in recent years have made it more natural to use and have reduced the number of actions it takes to get things done. After two decades, the Ford Bronco returns with plenty of tech for the trail 20 hours ago. The best earbuds for 21 hours ago.

How to turn on the flashlight in Android and iOS 23 hours ago. Common Huawei Mate 20 Pro problems, and how to fix them 1 day ago. Ford pledges to become carbon neutral by June 24, The best used car websites for June 24, Waymo and Volvo ink deal to build an all-new electric robo-taxi June 26, Los Angeles-based Czinger is 3D-printing a 1,hp hybrid hypercar June 27, Waze design makeover seeks to spark the joy of driving June 29, Everything you need to know about the Lordstown Endurance June 29, What is Android Auto?

June 30, MarcrA3 Oct 26, Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice.

Cookies Snack. MMI display upgrade? I'd like to know if it is possible to upgrade to "standard" 5. Has anyone tried this? Thanks in advance! MarcrA3Oct 26, Fiddie likes this. FrA1l3Oct 26, MarcrA3 and Fiddie like this. I seriously doubt it, the software will be sending different resolutions to the display unless they poll the display at startup which I doubt.

I seriously doubt it too, even for the backup camera, you'll still need to code the module to display it on 5. The standard MMI wouldn't display correctly on the 7" I think. I went aftermarket on the screen, everything gets blown up on the 7" so basically, same graphics, just bigger But that's with a aftermarket pass through module with added functions as well. I seem to recall DJAlix detailing this in a few threads before. I think the new screen requires a new MMI module in the glovebox as the video cables differ.

Now I've mentioned his name though, I'm sure he'll appear in mere moments like some digital genie to correct me. GSBOct 26, Please feel free to add any information. We have one week yet to receive the screen and try it!

audi mmi mods

I bet they are, just like laptop manufacturers do, even though they have no need to standardise on the plugs at either end of the cable, the actual protocols used will be HDMI or DisplayPort. Seeing as this is the only thing that really annoys me on my car having the smaller screen, i would get this done straight away if it's that simple.

LavalampOct 26, I'm sure someone tried this a few years ago and ended up with the display only filling a quarter of the screen area.

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